मिस नेपाल सेल्फ–क्वारेन्टाइनमा !


कोरोना भाइरस संक्रमणबाट बच्न मिस नेपाल अनुष्का श्रेष्ठ सेल्फ–आइसोलेसनमा बस्न थालेकी छन् । इन्स्टाग्रामबाट यस कुराको जानकारी दिँदै उनले बच्नको लागि टिप्स पनि दिएकी छन् ।


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In light of the global pandemic COVID-19, it will take a combined effort from citizens and governments all around the world to combat this! Uncertainty is surely in the air, with closing borders and drastic measures being taken at very short notice. Let us all support the government to take the best decision for us, and let us all do our part in our fight against the pandemic. With large number of Nepalese coming back to Nepal, it is very important to adhere to the recommended #SelfQuarantine and #SocialDistancing. There is nothing to lose, and we MUST practice these recommendations for the welfare of ourselves and all around us. I have myself just returned from a program overseas, and am practicing these. Here are some recommendations compiled: 1. Practice good hygeine – wash hands, avoid touching your face, cover cough and sneezes. 2. Social distancing and self quarantine as recommended. 3. Stay alert, but try not to panic. 4. Take care of your mental health and wellbeing – utilize this time off to catch up on your personal to do list! There are numerous resources online to help get accurate information about the virus, about what and how to quarantine and ways to spend quarantine time productively. Let us use these resources available to us. Praying 💙 #corona #covid19

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सबै मिलेर रोगलाई जित्न सकिने उल्लेख गर्दै उनले बिदेश यात्राबाट फर्किएपछि आफू सेल्फ–क्वारेन्टाइनमा बस्न थालेको बताएकी छन् । यतिबेला हलिउड र बलिउडका ठूला कलाकार समेत सेल्फ–आइसोलेसनमा छन् ।


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